About us

HiBREW was found in 2017 by Mr.Kenny ZENG and his partners, the company is dedicated in designing/manufacturing espresso coffee machines due to the founder's more than 20 years R&D background. HiBREW teamed up with sophisticated designer,“ Just Make Something Special” is the company's design guideline . HiBREW believes innovation will push its products one step further and creates valve for customers, beyond technology, "HiBREW" carries meaning of other key aspects to consumer:

Hi-High performance
B- Brilliant design.
R- Recycleable material to protect the enviroment.
E- Engineering breakthrough.
W- warranty to consumer with quality.
"HiBREW" brand has been well accepted by millions of consumers worldside, to continue to reach customers with fast delivery and local service, distributors as well as warehouses in USA, Poland, France, Russia, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia have been set up and in service already, additional sites are on plan.