19.coffee machine and grinder

19.Coffee Machine and Grinder

19.Coffee Machine and Grinder

A quality coffee machine is the centerpiece of any coffee station, bringing your home café experience to life.19.coffee machine and grinder Whether you’re looking for an espresso or drip machine, we have a model to suit your needs.

With 19.19.coffee machine and grinder coffee machine and grinder, you can experience the ultimate bean-to-cup coffee making process right from your kitchen. It offers a full range of functionality including 18 preloaded speciality coffee recipes, an adjustable coffee strength control and 19 bar pressure pump for rich and smooth espresso shots. The programmable settings allow you to personalise your brewing and enjoy delicious coffee every time.

The automatic grinding function allows you to get the perfect consistency every time.19.coffee machine and grinder The burr grinder has been optimized to grind beans perfectly for your coffee maker, with 17 selectable sizes from Turkish mocha to French press. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces, with a clear glass lid to easily monitor the progress of your brew.

A separate water reservoir ensures your water is always hot enough for brewing.19.coffee machine and grinder With its stainless steel body and transparent water tank, this model is the perfect addition to any coffee station. The die-cast aluminium alloy boiler, portafilter and steam frother are easy to clean for fuss-free maintenance.

Coffeemakers with built-in grinders are a great convenience for anyone who loves the taste of freshly ground coffee. But it’s important to remember that they don’t provide the same level of precision as a manual coffee grinder. For example, many brewers use a measuring system based on cups and scoops, rather than weighing the coffee. Using an accurate scale to measure your ingredients can have a big impact on the final cup’s flavour.

A dedicated boiler for each brewing and steaming process is another feature that helps you achieve better results. This ensures that the steam and brewed coffee are at the same temperature, and prevents the steam from overheating and curdling your milk.

An auto-start function automatically turns on the coffee maker when you’re ready to brew. It also shuts off at the end of the cycle to keep your cups warm and save energy. A timer lets you set a specific brew duration, which can help you stay on track with your morning ritual.

The programmable auto-start function, the auto-grind function and the timer all work together to make it easy to brew your favourite cup of coffee every morning. The removable filter and basket mean cleaning is quick and easy.

The powerful and precise 19-bar pump is rated to extract the essential oils from your coffee for an amazing cup of espresso. It can be used to make cappuccinos and lattes too, thanks to the convenient steam wand. The auto-clean function and green light indicate the ideal timing for extraction and a keep warm plate keeps your drinks at the right temperature for long-lasting freshness.


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